Joel Hansen Fitness model and Competitive eater

Joel Hansen encourages a healthy lifestyle and was previously a fitness model. He is a popular food influencer and competitive eater known for taking on large food challenges, participating in eating contests and promoting restaurants on his YouTube channel with over 800K subscribers. His experience as an exercise model helps him promote a healthy lifestyle, even though he is good at competitive eating. Joel holds a Guinness World Record for the most amazing food he can eat.

Joel Hansen was born in Canada on 19 August 1995, has two siblings - a brother and a sister named Justine. Justine has joined Joel in some eating challenges and even appeared in some of his YouTube videos. Joel is known for winning over 450 food challenges and setting records for fastest completion. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for Most Ice Cream Eaten in 30 Seconds.

He started as a fitness person

Joel Hansen began working out at a gym to improve his fitness and became intrigued by bodybuilding and personal growth. Despite encountering injuries that limited his ability to lift weights, Joel turned to intermittent fasting as a way to continue his fitness journey. Eventually, this practice proved beneficial when he transitioned into competitive eating.

Joel Hansen shares his daily life and adventures with over 40,000 followers on Instagram. With a net worth of approximately $400k, he has earned his income through monetizing his YouTube channel and posting sponsored content on Instagram.

Journey as a competitive food eater

Joel Hansen found inspiration in watching Randy Santel's competitive eating videos, leading him to participate in his first eating challenge in December 2017. The challenge involved consuming a 12-patty burger with cheese, bacon, two buns, and a pound of fries at the Olde Dublin Pub in Charlottetown, Canada. Joel's journey as a competitive eater began with this daring feat.

Joel is a 28-year old man who stands at 5'11'' and has won over 450 food challenges. He started his first YouTube channel in November 2017, where he filmed videos with his phone. Later on, in January 2019, he began a second channel called Life Lessons With Joel. Joel mostly focuses on regularly uploading videos to his original channel, Joel Hansen, where he promotes various restaurants.


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